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Call for Participants in Workshop on Situation Testing 23 May, 2018 ​​​​​​​“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO announces a call for participants in a two-day workshop on Situation Testing. Read more
Open Call for Experts 26 April, 2018 New Generation Humanitarian NGO announces open call for Experts on Human Rights, Prevention of Discrimination, Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech. Read more
Capacity Building and Empowerment of CSO representatives on Sexuality 26 April, 2018 NGNGO volunteer from the USA, Regina Agopian presented the history and current situation of LGBTIQ human rights in the USA; all the important facts an... Read more
The stabbed trans * person's operation and further medical care were done completely free of charge due to “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO intervention 19 April, 2018 On April 15, 2018, trans * person XX was stabbed in her rented apartment at about 2:30 pm. The latter had a meeting arrangement with a man with whom... Read more
Homosexuality is not a mental illness. The driver's license remained valid under the court decision 13 April, 2018 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO beneficiary X.X dismissed the compulsory military service because of being homosexual in 2011, but as in all other... Read more
Statement 13 April, 2018 Dear Colleagues Please be informed that the Committee on HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria which was established by the decision of the April 26,... Read more
An open competition for a conference venue rent 09 April, 2018 «New Generation» Humanitarian NGO within the framework of «Right to Health» project announces open bidding for a 2-day meeting conference venue rent c... Read more
LIFE 5 06 April, 2018 On March 16-17, 2018 LIFE 5 offsite information platform was held by “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO within the framework of Right to Health project... Read more
Workshop on Legal Education in the US 05 April, 2018 New Generation Humanitarian NGO would like to invite everyone interested in pursuing law in the U.S. to attend our Law Schools in the U.S. and Financi... Read more
first training session of 4-part seminar on Empowerment of LGBTI people 04 April, 2018 On the first day of the training, March 27, expert Ara Gharagyozyan presented the topic of Prohibition of Torture: What is Torture, Distinction betwee... Read more
Open Call for Experts 03 April, 2018 Open Call for Experts on Human Rights: Protection Mechanisms, Prevention of Torture, Stigma and Discrimination, Human Rights and ECHR Read more
Seminar-Training for Mass Media representatives 20 March, 2018 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO announces four-part seminar training for Mass Media representatives․ Read more