Republic of Armenia, c. Yerevan                                                                                                     11 October, 2018


From the content of the article published on at 07.22 in the morning of October 11, 2018, Aragats Akhoyan, former MP of the RA National Assembly, directly and explicitly threatens violence and expels minority representatives from Armenia.

Former MP:

– With special emphasis he urged New Generation Humanitarian NGO to refrain from supporting the LGBT Christian Forum,

– He threatened that the situation with the New Generation Humanitarian NGO would be very sad,

– He threatened to use violence and to expel minority representatives from Armenia,

– He noted that they would unite NGOs for national ideology for the “counter attack’’.

The latter instigates people with their behavior and expression to commit crimes based on violence and hate.

The “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO evaluates the situation for the extremely dangerous staff and for the Republic of Armenia, as some people are explicitly threatening to expose others to this or that feature.


that Aragats Akhoyan’s statements contain both elements of crime and insult and misinformation.                                                     


RA Police:

– Take this statement as a crime report, to give a proper legal process to prevent new crimes, to ensure the safety of the staff of New Generation Humanitarian NGO, the area as well as the participants of the LGBT Christian Forum.

RA Diplomatic Bodies and International Organizations:

– Take note of this announcement of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO and make it a subject of slander and hate speech against LGBT people and CSOs and human rights defenders in Armenia.


“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO welcomes any civic activity if it is implemented within the framework of the law and does not violate the rights of others.