The Right to Education of Prisoners: Project Closing Event-Report Presentation

On June 25, 2024, the closing event of the sub-grant project “The Right to Education of Prisoners of Armenia” was held by New Generation Humanitarian NGO (NG NGO)  within the framework of the project “Justice Reforms Monitoring in Armenia” (JUREMONIA) funded by the European Union (

The goal of the meeting was to present and discuss with stakeholder bodies the Report and Policy Brief based on NGNGO study and research of the public education program “Implementation of aesthetic education and educational programs for persons who have committed violations of the law, without age restrictions” for convicts aged 19 and above, who serve their sentence in penitentiary institutions”, following from the reform/ammendment to the Part 7 of Article 18 of the law of the Republic of Armenia on Eduation entered into force in August 1, 2022․

Representatives of the Human Rights Defender’s Office, Criminal Executive Body of the Ministry of Health of Armenia, “Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programs’ Implementation Center” State Non-Commercial Organization (SNCO), representatives from embassies of Canada, USA, France in Armenia, USAID, and other state and international institutions, as well as CSO representatives attended the meeting.

The meeting was launched with opening speech of Alina Mirzoyan, NG NGO human rights and advocacy coordinator, as well as the coordinator of the sub-grant project. She welcomed the participants, presented the implemented project, the goals and objectives of the project and the study conducted therein, and expressed hopes for full, comprehensive cooperation with stakeholders for effective and collaborative solution of the problems revealed during the study and the compiled report based on it, and for improvement in the implementation of the above-described public education program for prisoners.

Next, Arshak Gasparyan, President of sub-grantor organization – Social Justice made a welcoming speech, presenting the Justice Reforms Monitoring Program, strategic directions studied, JUREMONIA platform created within the program, its goals and activity.

After the welcoming remarks, Shushan Khnkoyan, NG NGO legal expert, the researcher and author of the report, presented the report, the conducted study and analysis, the issues revealed and the offered recommendations for their solution.

The meeting was concluded with an active Q & A discussion, during which the representatives of the participating institutions, including representatives of the state agencies – Suzanna Makyan, acting director of the “Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programs Implementation Center” SNCO, and Hovhannes Margaryan, deputy head of the department of Social, Psychological and Legal Activities of the Central Penitentiary Body of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, presented their questions and comments regarding the study and report. The latter, too, mentioned that problems exist, and efforts are made towards their solution. They also expressed their willingness to pay attention to the issues and suggestions raised during the meeting and the report, to cooperate in order to eliminate the existing problems and obstacles, and to improve the implemented public education program.


The study Report will be finalized with consideration of the questions, comments and suggestions discussed during the meeting, and will be sent to all stakeholder bodies with expectations for future meeting-discussions and cooperation in terms of achieving changes in practical and legal documents regulating the sector for the sake of ensuring unhindered organization of public education in the Criminal Executive Institutions of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia.