Dear Colleagues,
Hereby we inform you that New Generation Humanitarian NGO temporarily ceases its normal working process as there have recently been observed cases of persecution of our staff members.
On November 2, 2018, on the whole way from Agveran city to Yerevan 2 cars had been following the car where the staff members of the organization were. The mentioned staff members of the organization noticed and captured the cars persecuting them and the identity of the persons in the mentioned car. All this has been confirmed personally by Sevan Aghajanyan who has made the following publication on his Facebook page:
“According to our information, several participants from abroad are already in Armenia and are going to participate in the LGBT forum. At this moment we are following them.”
New Generation Humanitarian NGO regards this incident as crime and it has already been reported to the relevant department of RA police.
New Generation Humanitarian NGO calls to refrain from any illegal actions and immediately stop the persecution and pressure on the organization.