On July 13, 2022, around 3 pm, a person named Nazaret called New Generation Humanitarian NGO (hereafter referred to as NGNGO), introducing himself as the program coordinator of the “Kanonavor hay” organization. The latter stated that he learned from the Internet, from the “Spyur” directory, that NGNGO is engaged in LGBT propaganda. When the NGO representative tried to clarify the purpose of the call, the above-mentioned person asked for the Organization’s address to meet the Organization’s employees at the office. In the process, becoming more inflamed, the person urged to refrain from the activity of encouraging LGBT people, stating that the Organization is obliged to stop its activity, because it is engaged in propaganda of perversion. On the same day, around 5 pm, the person called again stating that he could not find the Organization’s address on the Internet and demanded to provide the address in order to visit the Organization and conduct “educational” activities with the employees.


In connection with the incident, the NGNGO alerted the police. The case is in progress.


We hereby call upon:

The society

  • To stop the speech defaming the activities of the Organization, as well as calls of hatred, slander and threats against LGBT people and members of Organizations dealing with the protection of their rights,

RA police:

  • To take active steps to prevent acts of hatred, to ensure the safety of the Organization’s employees and the continuity of the Organization’s activities.