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World Health Organization (WHO) visited New Generation Humanitarian NGO within the framework of in-country mission on the HIV/AIDS Programme Review in Armenia

21 November, 2019

A team composed of the World Health Organization (WHO) staff from the WHO Headquarters and the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and a selected team of external experts made a visit to New Generation Humanitarian NGO (NGNGO) on November 21, 2019.

The meeting focused on HIV prevention activities and services provided by New Generation Humanitarian NGO, the registered progress as well as still existing issues and problems in the field.

The visitors got acquainted with the NGNGO activity in general and particularly in the field of healthcare, i.e. HIV prevention programmes among key populations implemented by NGNGO.

The meeting went on in an atmosphere of active discussions, questions and answers. The HIV-related situation in Armenia, issues and problems, necessary changes and improvements in the field, sustainability of services were discussed.

At the end of the meeting, the WHO representatives had a short talk with representatives of beneficiary communities of HIV prevention programmes.