On October 7-8, 2019, the Annual Workshop on Priorities of Strategic Information was
held within the framework of Right to Health project implemented by New Generation
Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of Eurasian Coalition on Male Health. The
meeting was attended by representatives of international, state bodies and non-
governmental organizations.
The experts of the workshop were Sergo Chikhladze, Public health policy and
management specialist, Programs manager at “Tanadgoma” Center for Information and
Counseling on Reproductive Health, and Maksym Kasianczuk, Monitoring and
Evaluation Coordinator of Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM).
The workshop was aimed at making a contribution into improving quality of country’s
strategic information about public health of MSM and trans people as well as present
the results of ECOM baseline assessment and final evaluation within the Regional
Program of Right to Health to the key persons and institutions and promote their usage
by stakeholders.
The meeting included presentation of the overall picture of ECOM studies within the
frames of regional baseline assessment – Participation of MSM and trans people in
decision-making processes, study of the attitude to LGBT people among key social
services workers in five countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
discussion of the list of main recommendations on improving quality of strategic
information and increasing MSM and trans people participation in obtaining and using
strategic information, problems of strategic information in the country.
Also the Cascade Analysis results of HIV related services for MSM and trans people
was presented by New Generation NGO expert Hovhannes Madoyan at the workshop.
Тhe list of main recommendations for road map of activities to ensure sustainability of
programs for MSM and trans people after finishing the Regional Program Right to
Health were brainstormed  and discussed. The action points were registered by the
workshop facilitators, which will be discussed and finalized at the Third Regional
Consultation on HIV among MSM and trans People in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
in November.