On September 12-15, 2023, a training for trainers on TRANSIT was held in Tsakhkadzor. It is a practical guide for implementing comprehensive HIV and STI programs among transgender people, developed by leading organizations in the health sector: WHO, UNDP, UNAIDS, etc.

On the first two days of the course, the participants got acquainted with the main sections of the guide with the help of international expert Elena German, and also developed training skills, in particular talking about the methods and tools of the training, “difficult” participants, and other practical skills. Participants were given a homework assignment to prepare mini-courses on various topics in small groups and present them to the course’s organizing team. During the second day, the teams presented their homework, received feedback from the trainers, and the best team and the best individual trainer were selected through voting.

The last two days of the course were held by national expert Hmayak Avetisyan. He first presented the national strategic information on trans* people, in particular the results of the IBBS 2021, the HIV cascade, the national trans* specific HIV package. Next, through practical exercises and teamwork, participants highlighted trans* issues and priorities that should find a place in the updated advocacy plan.


At the end of the course, the participants were awarded certificates.