New Generation Humanitarian NGO announces an open call for the following experts to conduct training sessions.


Experts on the following topics:

  • Human rights,
  • Stigma and discrimination,
  • The right to be free from torture,
  • Freedom of speech / restrictions,
  • Right to free assembly and association,
  • Gender equality and diversity.


Work duration  — Contractual


Job Description

  • To develop a training module;
  • To make a presentation of the corresponding topic with all its components;
  • To run training (online, if nessesary) among the participants and present report on the training.


Required skills and qualifications

  • Work experience in the corresponding field;
  • Communication skills;
  • Education and training on relevant topic will be considered a plus;
  • Excellency in the Armenian language, knowledge of Russian and English is highly desired;
  • Teamworking skills;
  • Creativity

Salary  — Contractual


How to Apply?
To apply for the position, please fill in this Application form by May 25.