On June 29, 2021, a homosexual person S.H. (name has been changed) applied to New Generation Humanitarian NGO (NGNGO). The latter reported that after the information about his sexual orientation was spread in the college, he always had problems with the college students. The latters have regularly insulted and ridiculed him. S.H. tried to stay away from the students so as not to complicate the situation. 

However, once he could not manage to avoid the incident, and an argument started. The students beat S.H., as a result of which the latter received serious bodily injuries. To settle the issue, S.H. appealed to the college management. Unfortunately, no action was taken by them. 


Once again, when he was beaten by the students, S.H. defended himself, then applied to the police. 


Instead of arresting the people who had beaten S.H., the police detained him. No criminal case has been initiated by the law enforcement agencies, despite the existence of an obvious crime.  


Legal consultation was provided by the NGNGO lawyer. The case is under the control of NGNGO lawyers/attorneys.  


Sergey Gabrielyan, the president of New Generation Humanitarian NGO, highlights the importance of the steps taken by the relevant structures to solve the problem in such situations. “If steps were taken by the directorate in this case, it would be possible to avoid further aggravation of the situation. 

 NGNGO repeatedly reported similar cases when students dropped out of school due to such pressure and violence. “The organization will continue to work for the benefit of human rights,” said NGNGO president.