The Administrative Court of Appeal Rejected the Complaint of Police: The decision of the Administrative Court will Remain Unchanged

On March 9, 2021 the trial of appeal lodged by the police of the Republic of Armenia on the case of New Generation vs Police of the Republic of Armenia about the demand of obliging provision of information was held presided by judges Karen Matevosyan, Artur Arakelyan and Kristine Mkoyan. 

The Court made a decision to reject the appeal lodged by the Police of the Republic of Armenia and to leave unchanged the decision of the Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia made on June 202019. 

The decision will enter into legal force one month after its publication.  


Prehistory of the case․ 

On August 14, 2018 New Generation Humanitarian NGO sent an official letter to the RA Police with a request to examine the 06.08.2018 Facebook posts spreading hate speech made by  Gevorg Petrosyan, member of RA National Assembly and Prosperous Armenia Faction, and accordingly launch a criminal case. 

On October 15, 2018 New Generation Humanitarian NGO sent an official letter to the RA Police with a request to examine the behavior (threats, hate speech, calls for violence) made by citizen of the Republic of Armenia Aragats Akhoyan, and accordingly launch a criminal case. 

The organization was not provided with any information on the state of the letters, launch of the criminal case, about its referral by subordination or on the rejection of the case. Moreover, no information was provided even by phone calls along with the unknown situation of the official letters sent.  

Accordingly, on 29.11.2018 the suer had to send a double official letter addressed to the RA Chief of Police Valeriy Osipyan, requesting to provide an answer to the above-mentioned letters but this letter also remained unanswered. 

 As a result, New Generation Humanitarian NGO applied to the Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia, which was satisfied by the Court  on June 20, 2019. The Police of the Republic of Armenia  lodged an appeal against the decision of the Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia.