Capicity Building

“DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO realized the project “Capicity Building” on January – February of 2020.

The aim of the program is to maintain a stable level of criticism on discourse of diversity, protection of the rights of vulnerable groups, as a driving force for equality.

Within the framework of project “Capacity Building”  “DiverCity” NGO organized a meeting-discussion on “The Protection of Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups in Armenia is Neglected”.

In the course of the meeting it was spoken about Human Rights of women, LGBIQ+ and trans people, prioritization and protection of Human Rights in Criminal-Executive Institutions, the state of Human Rights of people of varying cultural backgrounds and public mentality about them, Human Rights of military servicemen, Human Rights of the sexually abused, about media field etc. A discussion was held in the auditorium after the speeches.

The project was implemented by “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of New Generation Humanitarian NGO from the funds of the Bavarian Youth Council (BJR)