On May 23, 2023 information was circulated through telegram channels that the issue of Salman Mukayev’s extradition was to be examined by the Republic of Armenia court on May 25, 2023. In 2020, Salman Mukayev was arrested by the Chechen security forces on suspicion of being homosexual.


Back in October 2021, the website published an article titled “Salman Mukayev’s life under threat: Armenia might become an accomplice”. It was stated in the article that citizen of Chechnya Salman Mukayev had been subjected to inhuman treatment in Chechnya and tortured by the Police. Criminal case was instituted against Salman upon other ground, however, the real reason behind the case was the suspicion of Salman’s being homosexual.

As a result of being subjected to torture in the police station in the city of Grozny, Chechnya, Mukayev agreed to invite men to staged dates and turn them over to the police officers, after which he was released from the police station. He was able to leave Chechnya with the help of local human rights activists and arrived in Armenia, from where he was to move to a third country. Since Salman Mukayev was wanted by the authorities of the Russian Federation, the border guards of the Republic of Armenia did not let him cross the Armenian border and leave for Europe.


NGNGO calls the Armenian authorities not to grant the request for extradition and not to hand over Salman Mukayev to the Russian Federation, where he may be subjected to torture again, as well as his life and health will be under threat.