On September 28-30, 2022, capacity building training for the representatives of the beneficiary groups of HIV prevention programs (MSM, CSW and trans) was held in Tsakhkadzor, organized by the New Generation Humanitarian NGO. The aim of the training was to raise awareness among the representatives of the beneficiary group about the provision of TB-related services, the fight against COVID-19, the importance and specifics of the outreach work during the pandemic, HIV prevention programs among vulnerable groups.


On the first day of the training, September 13, Arusyak Melikyan, monitoring doctor of the National Center of Pulmonology, presented the topic of tuberculosis (TB). She particularly referred to the epidemiological situation of TB in Armenia, presented in detail the TB pathogen, methods of transmission, symptoms, treatment schemes, connection with other diseases, she highlighted the importance to educate the patient in the fight against TB. The expert also pointed out the connection of COVID-19 and TB, the challenges in the sphere and the uninterrupted provision of TB services in the conditions of the epidemic.


The training of Anahit Badalyan, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, followed, presenting the coronavirus and its epidemiology, impacts, anti-pandemic measures and efficiency, the role of the outreach work in raising awareness of epidemics, vulnerability of the risk of groups to COVID and peculiarities of counselling, relations of COVID-19 and HIV, compatibility of ARV drugs with vaccinations as well as COVID-19 vaccine types and their features.



On the second day of the training, Naira Sergeeva, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the Global Fund Coordination Team of the RA Ministry of Health, launched the training, speaking about the HIV and AIDS related services, the importance of testing as well as outreach work. 

During the second part of the day, NGNGO Communications Coordinator Levon Chilingaryan spoke about the HIV prevention activities carried out among vulnerable groups in Armenia, the continuity of services provided in the conditions of the epidemic, the obstacles and challenges.



The topic of the last day of the training, September 30, was Right to Health, which was presented by NGNGO lawyer Shushan Khnkoyan who spoke about the medical support and care guaranteed by the state as well as the right to health violation cases and fields. 

The training was held in an atmosphere of active discussions, questions and answers, during which participants received answers to all their questions. At the end of the training the participants were awarded certificates.