OPEN CALL FOR shooting a film

New Generation Humanitarian NGO announces an open call for a film production.  

Position:  Provider of interview-film production services 


Topic of the social videos:  

— Interviews on transitioning process of trans* people in Armenia 


 Venue: Yerevan, Armenia 


Job Description: 

In cooperation with the project staff, the video-maker shall 

— conduct interviews with transgender people, human rights defenders, experts and other field representatives, 

— Develop ideas, 

– Mount the video, 

—Translate and set the subtitles,  

– Submit the video to the organization after correcting it according to the organization’s comments and observations. 


Required qualifications and skills: 

  • Work experience in writing scripts, filming / making videos, and editing. 
  • Ability to pay attention to details, 
  • Creative thinking, the ability to put ideas into action, 
  • Willingness to thoroughly edit the products, 
  • Providing English subtitles, 
  • Ability to work in a team, 
  • Communication skills. 


Salary – Contractual 


Duration – Contractual 



Application Procedure: You can apply as an individual, as well as a company, to perform one or more of the above-mentioned services. The applications of both individuals and organizations are equally encouraged. 


To apply for this vacancy, please fill in the following APPLICATION FORM  by  September 11, 2022, selecting the point job application and the position  Interview-film production specialist in the required field.