New Generation Humanitarian NGO (NGNGO) activity is based on humanitarian principles to contribute to the regulation of the issues and problems of the society, and in particular the issues that vulnerable groups face in the society. NGNGO activity is aimed at the realization and protection of human rights, facilitation of access to healthcare services, empowerment of vulnerable groups of the society, non-governmental organizations and non-formal groups, as well as at promotion and support in the implementation of the obligations of the Republic of Armenia under RA constitution and assumed under international legal acts.


COVID-19 and declared epidemic, as well as the state of emergency caused by it, affected different areas of the society: daily wage workers, socially disadvantaged people, unregistered workers.


The state launched a one-time financial assistance program for some groups, but unfortunately not all groups were able to benefit from it. New Generation Humanitarian NGO applied to its donors to use the project savings in accordance with the situation.


Based on its humanitarian mission, our organization launched We Are with you charity project, which aims to support the most vulnerable groups in the society as a result of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world. Partners, employees and representatives of diplomatic missions, as well as other benefactors joined the project.


During this period, we have already provided more than 50 food packages to socially disadvantaged families, the data of which have been provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Lori Regional Administration, as well as on the basis of individual applications. We have provided more than 40 financial supports of various sizes, 30 of which were intended for LGBTI people. The money was spent on accommodation, food and other necessities, medicine and other expenses.


We continue to support people in extreme and hopeless situations, emphasizing the need to support for vulnerable groups, especially LGBTI people, commercial sex workers, people who inject drugs, people living with HIV, who are stigmatized and discriminated against, often find themselves outside, even without food and support, and are unable to exercise their right to health. The state of emergency has aggravated the situation of those people, and there is a need to support them in solving their social and financial problems.


New Generation Humanitarian NGO expresses its readiness to support the people left without a roof and food, and informs that the social assistance projects will continue until the end of the state of emergency.