LIFE 9 training of activists on leadership, volunteerism and inclusion of volunteers in the National programme on the Response to HIV was held on March 27-29, 2019.


The goal of the training is to introduce the activists to the importance of the work of volunteers and how they can contribute to HIV Prevention in Armenia.


During the three-day course, the training participants were presented the following topics:

• Volunteers as beneficiaries of the National Programme on the Response to HIV,

• Volunteers as leaders and partners of the National Programme on the Response to HIV,

 • The importance of volunteers involvement in the  National Programme on the Response to HIV.


In the scope of the above mentioned topics, the training participants discussed the role and importance of volunteers in the fight against HIV and AIDS, the participants’ awareness of HIV and AIDS, who are the key populations, the means and methods of HIV and AIDS Prevention, RA legislation on the topic, three-lens approach to youth, volunteer participation, inclusion of volunteers as beneficiaries, leaders and partners in the program, three methods and approaches to HIV-related service provision.

As a follow up to the training, the trained participants will have an opportunity to conduct trainings themselves, share their knowledge with other active people interested in volunteering and contribution to the response to HIV in Armenia.


The trainer of the training was Mariam Muradyan, CRG working group coordinator.





“Right to Health” project is implemented by New Generation Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) from the funds of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.