“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO has been providing support to socially vulnerable families and people in three cities of Armenia: Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor.
Sadly, those who are living in a vulnerable position have difficulty and uncertain living conditions, and their families and their children have a hard time. Our organization is extremely pleased to render even the smallest help.

One of the families we met in Gyumri was a big one, mostly children; the other was a single mother and a disabled child. The purpose of helping these families was to encourage them, to give them hope and smile. We have sent food and we hope that with our little help, we have somewhat relieved the burden of their everyday life.

Gyumri was followed by a visit to Vanadzor. The families we met here were also socially severe and unacceptable. In their families, there were five underage children. They had the opportunity to take the family’s bread out of the store for a month.

Recently, a 63-year-old citizen applied to the office of the organization for social assistance.

After discussing the organization’s employees and evaluating the citizen’s needs, it was decided to help the citizen develop his small business. So, we bought jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories for which a citizen can earn his daily bread.