On 11.12.2018 RA citizen S. Sargsyan applied to New Generation Humanitarian NGO.
She has health problems related to high risk multinodular uterine myoma and 2nd degree arterial hypertension on which she presented relevant ultrasonography medical documents from maternity clinic of Sebastia medical center LLC.
Noticing S. Sargsyan’s frequent feeling unwell and deterioration of health, doctors warned her of the necessity of urgent surgery.
The mentioned surgery costs around AMD 250․000-500․000 in Armenia.
S. Sargsyan is socially disadvantaged, she has been enrolled in the social welfare system of the Republic for years until her child has reached the age of majority, at present, however, she has been withdrawn from the system.
S. Sargsyan is a single mother, lives in a rented apartment with her daughter and her daughter studies at Yerevan State College of Light Industry, Ministry of Education and Science of RA.
S. Sargsyan does cleaning services at several houses and apartments to earn their living and pay the monthly rent of the apartment.
S. Sargsyan doesn’t have permanent income and job.
Considering S. Sargsyan’s written application on her health issues to New Generation Humanitarian NGO and her critical social conditions, New Generation Humanitarian NGO applied to the RA Ministry of Health and Yerevan Municipality on this issue.
The response of the latter was not long in coming and on 24․12․2018 the relevant committee of Yerevan Municipality fully approved the application of New Generation Humanitarian NGO and granted S. Sargsyan with a referral on State-guaranteed free and privileged medical care and service.
New Generation Humanitarian NGO expresses their gratitude to Yerevan Municipality for effective cooperation and contribution in the NGNGO social support programme.