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Open call for filming a social advertisement 19 June, 2019 “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO announces an open call for scripting and filming a social advertisement on the topic of Gender Identity and Sex Reas... Read more
Transgender woman was directly released from the courtroom. 07 June, 2019 On June 3, 2019, the subsequent trial session on NGNGO beneficiary transgender person S.P.’s criminal case took place at Avan Residence of Yerevan Cou... Read more
Upcoming court hearings timeline 29 May, 2019 New Generation Humanitarian NGO against... Upcoming court hearings timeline Read more
STI: what is it and how to be protected? 24 May, 2019 Training about STIs with doctor Hovhannes Hovhannisyan Read more
International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia and biphobia 17 May, 2019 This year’s IDAHOBIT event was held in the form of closed door discussion Read more
Membership invitation for “The Best Human Rights Defender NGO” Awarding Ceremony 26 April, 2019 New Generation Humanitarian NGO invites human rights activists to join the Best Human Rights Defender NGO Awarding Committee. Read more
Invitation for Membership in the best journalistic article awarding committee 26 April, 2019 New Generation Humanitarian NGO invites journalists and human rights activists to apply for membership in “The Best Article” Awarding Committee. Read more
MSMIT TRAINING STARTS 23 April, 2019 We are pleased to inform that MSMIT training starts. "New Generation" Humanitarian NGO organizes two-day training entitled "MSMSIT tool” for NGO repr... Read more
The third extraordinary session of Consultative Council was held 23 April, 2019 On April 18th, 2019, the third extraordinary working meeting of the Consultative Council, consisting of representatives of civil society and community... Read more
OPEN CALL FOR EDUCATIONAL-INFORMATIVE MANUAL PREPARATION EXPERT 15 April, 2019 New Generation Humanitarian NGO announces an open call for educational-informative manual preparation expert. Read more
ActivEast School took place in Istanbul 15 April, 2019 On April 2-4, 2019, the ActivEast School took place, which aimed at developing Media campaigns at national and regional levels to adopt and apply the... Read more
ECAT tool for two newly-established community-based NGOs was implemented 02 April, 2019 The New Generation Humanitarian NGO implemented the ECAT tool developed by the European Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) for the two newly-established... Read more