INFORMED and PROTECTED․ two-day offsite training was held

On April 6-7, 2023, New Generation Humanitarian NGO organized a capacity building training for young people within the framework of the project Support to the Armenian State Strategic Program for HIV/AIDS Prevention.

The training goal was to raise the awareness of the participants about the Importance of HIV Prevention and Testing, HIV Prevention Methods, Ways of Transmission, the Right to Health, the Right to Be Free from Stigma and Discrimination.

The training was launched with the introduction of the main strategic goals, mission and scope of activities of New Generation Humanitarian NGO to the training participants, next Levon Chilingaryan, trainer on HIV and AIDS started the first training session.

The trainer presented the topic “the importance of HIV prevention and testing”, in the framework of which he spoke about the characteristics of HIV and AIDS, ways of transmission and methods of prevention. Then he introduced in detail the methods of pre- and post-exposure prophylaxes for HIV, and the effectiveness of their usage.

On the second day of the training, Shushan Khnkoyan, NGNGO expert on legal issues, presented the topics of “the Right to Health. Stigma and Discrimination”, within which she spoke about domestic and international protection mechanisms related to the right to health, presented  the definition of discrimination, its types and manifestations, the domestic and international legal regulations prohibiting the discrimination.

The training took place in an atmosphere of active discussions, including theoretical and practical sessions, workshops, and team exercises.

At the end of the training, the participants were awarded with certificates of participation.



The training is organized within the framework of the project Support to the Armenian State Strategic Program for HIV/AIDS Prevention implemented by New Generation Humanitarian NGO with financial support of Gilead Sciences Inc.