New Generation Humanitarian NGO (NGNGO) announces an open call of experts to conduct focus group discussion, raise the needs of the KPs, analyze the transition plan and develop a recommendation package.


Main tasks to be conducted by the expert

Expert work should include the following activities:


  1. To develop a guide for focus group discussions and implement 3 FGDs among 10 MSM, 10 CSWs, 10 TG to collect data on the needs of the KPs in the field of HIV services. To develop 3 small reports on the results of the FGDs.
  2. To conduct analysis on how the HIV related services are ensured for KPs in the transition plan of Armenia taking into account the results of the conducted FGDs.
  3. Based on the analysis to develop recommendation package for the improvement of the content of the transition plan.
  4. To present the results of the analysis in the upcoming CCM session.


The work should be done in Armenian.




  • The ToR should be completed until April 20, 2022.
  • The draft version of the document should be sent to NGNGO no later than April 10, 2022 for observations and comments.


Payment of services

Payment for the work of the consultant under this ToR will be decided based on the results of the open call. The consultant should state the number of days required to complete the task under this ToR as well as the daily rate. The final daily rate could be the subject to agreement between the parties. In case the consultant can’t confirm the stated daily rate or NGNGO is not being able to agree the daily rate with the consultant, NGNGO reserves the right not to sign the contract with the expert and approach the next candidate in line in accordance with the results of the open call. The total contract cost for the work under this ToR should not exceed AMD 1,000,000 (one million), including all taxes.



The applications will be evaluated by the Consultative Council of NGNGO.


Required qualifications and skills

  • Knowledge on delivery and financing of HIV services on the national level,
  • Work experience with all the stakeholders – KPs, health expeerts and health decision makers,
  • Experience in conducting research in the field of public health,
  • Skills on development of questionnaires, reports and other documents,
  • Conducted research in the field of HIV,
  • Ability to read documents in English and Russian.


How to apply

To apply for the position please fill in this APPLICATION FORM selecting the point job application and transition plan analysis expert in the required fields, by 5 March, 2022.  


Follow the link to get acquinted with the ToR of the expert work.