On July 28-29, 2020, an online training on budget advocacy was held among PWID. The participants of the training are involved in Promoting Active Participation of KPs for Leadership and Development project, within the framework of which the leadership skills and capacities of the target group representatives in the field of budget advocacy are developed.


On the first day of the training, Anahit Harutyunyan, the expert of the training and President of the Positive People Armenian Network NGO, presented the concept of budget advocacy, advocacy tools, the main goal of the 2017-2021 HIV and AIDS Prevention National program, program issues and program monitoring.


The second day of the training was dedicated to the decision-making process and the importance of community involvement in the process. Anahit Harutyunyan presented the role, activities of Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), working groups under the CCM, the importance of community involvement in CCM, the MCC Oversight Body, as well as the regulation on involvement in CCM.


At the end of the training, the participants completed the pre-designed online tool. Based on the results of the online tool the expert will compile the problems and priorities of PWID.


The training was held in an atmosphere of active discussions, questions and answers.


The project is implemented by New Generation Humanitarian NGO and is financed by the Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity within the framework of the Eurasian Regional Consortium from the funds of the Robert Carr Fund.