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New Generation Humanitarian NGO provided legal representation of Armenian Progressive Youth NGO

02 October, 2019

On April 5, 2019, during the 5th Channel / 5 TV's “Dem Dimats” program, Konstantin Ter-Nakalian, editor-in-chief of BlogNews.am, made a false statement, claiming that the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO has run LGBT propaganda campaign in one of the schools of Kotayk region.

On the following day, 06.04.2010, the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO posted a denial statement on its Facebook page addressed to Constantine Ter-Nakalian. On April 12, 2019, a video was posted on the Facebook page under the name "ADEKVAD" entitled "We apologize to all gay worshipers, pro-Azerbaijani walkerasts". On the same day, hours later, the Respondent posted a video on his Facebook page entitled "Another Apology trial from Grigor Yeritsyan," which, like the previous one, did not have sufficient denial in essence. Days later, on 17․04․2019, Konstantin Ter-Nakalian again posted on his Facebook page a video titled "Many apologies, Grigor Yeritsyan ... Apologies from me personally and Artur Danielyan", with a derogatory attitude towards Grigor Yeritsyan and stating that they will continue to act like that.

As a result of the above mentioned actions, the reputation of the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO has been damaged.

The New Generation Humanitarian NGO expressed its support to the organization in that situation and provided free advocacy services. Lawyer Anahit Mkrtchyan was involved in the case.

As a result, on 06.05.2019, a lawsuit was filed against Konstantin Ter-Nakalian, editor-in-chief of BlogNews.am, 5th Channel / "SHARK" LLC, Artur Danielyan for denying defamation statement and apologizing for insult and claims for compensation as a means of protecting from acts that defame honor, dignity, and business reputation.

On 28-08-2019 judge T. Stepanyan presided over the trial. During the trial, the plaintiff stated that among other reasons, respondents' conduct was largely based on political context and discrimination.

The next trial is scheduled for 08-11-2019.

Advocacy assistance was made possible with the financial support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, by the efforts of New Generation Humanitarian NGO.