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03 September, 2018

After the news about the LGBT-Christians Forum in Armenia, the press and social networks actively began to discuss the news condemning the idea and organizers.

"As a host side of LGBT-Christians Forum, we are subjected to ordinary pressures by the public," says Arman Sahakyan, Coordinator of a number of projects of the New Generation Humanitarian NGO in the interview to Russian parniplus.com.

"Yerevan mayor elections will be held on September 23, as a result of which the new mayor will be elected. 9 parties and 4 Alliance are taking part in the elections. Against the new authorities, political forces have begun to use homophobic rhetoric in the interest of their political goals.

We hope that the new authorities and voters will not continue the homophobic rhetoric typical of the previous government. Is it not that behind any political manipulation is human lives? "

There is an opinion in the article reflecting the interview of A. Sahakian given to Nuntiare et Recreare still in spring.

"We predict that the forum will be held at a high level and will be productive. Because people who live in Europe and organize similar forums should understand what LGBT problems exist in communities outside Europe, how religion affects the quality of life of LGBT people. And, of course, we will find bridges of cooperation to improve the situation.’’

He expressed hope that there will be a dialogue between the Armenian Apostolic Church, LGBT community representatives and human rights defenders on coming to a common ground and not discriminating against people.

"I have to tell the truth. The topic of LGBT in Armenia is very politicized. This acronym is mainly spoken not from the point of view of law and in the context that LGBT persons are also members of our society, but political and the community is used for political purposes", Sahakyan underscores.

In his opinion, the reason is the pro-Russian strong propaganda conducted at the state level.

"It is said that Europe and America are very bad. It is spreading that Europe is propagating dissociation of traditional Armenian families, reducing independence and reducing birthrate", he concludes.