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05 March, 2019

On February 19-21, 2018 three-day training on Prohibition of Discrimination for a Democratic Society was held for representatives of RA ministries and provincial departments for health and social care .

The topics of Human Rights, Prevention of Stigma and Discrimination, Freedom of Speech vs Hate Speech were covered during the three days of the training.

The topic of the first training day was Human Rights. Trainer Hasmik Harutyunyan presented the subjects on the Concept of Human Rights, Origin and Generations, Local and International Mechanisms of Human Rights Protection, the Role of State authorities and Local Self-Governing Bodies in the Protection of Human Rights within this topic.

The topic of the second training day was Prevention of Stigma and Discrimination. Prohibition of Discrimination in International and In-state Legal Documents, Categories of Discrimination, Certain Characteristics, Evidence-based Issues Against Discrimination in Rights, Manifestation of Discrimination through Violence were introduced by legal expert Anahit Mkrtchyan within the framework of this topic.

The topic of the third day of the training was Freedom of Speech vs Hate Speech. Within the framework of this topic, trainer Arman Gharibyan introduced the following: What is Freedom of Speech? The approach of ECHR, What is Hate Speech? How to differentiate Freedom of Speech from Hate Speech? Existing Liability Mechanisms for Hate Speech, Protection of the Freedom of Speech and Prohibition of Hate Speech. ECHR cases, Hate Speech on the Online Platform were also discussed within the topic.

All the topics presented during the three days of the training included both theoretical and practical parts, video screenings, various interactive games, group and individual activities, were accompanied with lively discussions, which made the material easier to understand and perceive for the participants.

At the end of the training the participants were awarded the certificates of participation.