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Leading Human Rights Activists’ and Defenders’ and Mass Media Award 2019

28 December, 2019

On December 28, 2019 Leading Human Rights Activists’ and Defenders’ and Mass Media Awarding ceremony took place with participation of NGNGO stuff, Human Rights defenders, activists, individuals and NGO representatives, journalists.

Sergey Gabrielyan, President of New Generation Humanitarian NGO opened the meeting with a welcoming speech. He thanked all the present guests for their attendance and he also extended his gratitude to the human rights activists, defenders and journalists covering the issues of vulnerable groups of the society for their brave activity.

New Generation Humanitarian NGO Projects Coordinator Alina Mirzoyan mentioned that New Generation Humanitarian NGO has been implementing the project Capacity Building and Empowerment for Protection of Human Rights of LGBTI people in Armenia since 2014. Within the framework of this project Annual Best Media Material and Human Rights Defenders’ Awarding Ceremony is held to encourage and award the journalists and Human Rights Defenders and Activists engaged in the protection and promotion of LGBTI issues. 

Alina Mirzoyan presented Nora Petrosyan's human rights activist’s and advocacy activity,  one of the nominated Leading HRD activists for constantly raising the visibility of trans people and advocating for their integration into the society as full and equal members. At that moment Nora was out of country that’s why she wasn’t able to attend the meeting but her certificate will be handed to her as soon as she returns.

Hovhannes Madoyan, President of Non- Discrimination and Equality Coalition NGO, presented  the other nominated trans activist Lilit Martirosyan's Human Rights defending activity by emphasizing her speech at the National Assembly.

NGNGO financial Manager Arman Sahakyan presented defense-lawyer Ara Gharagyozyan's Human Rights defending activity who apart from his professional duties always stands for the rights of vulnerable groups of the society and fights for their right to be free from discrimination and violence. Arman Sahakyan thanked him for his activity and handed him the certificate of gratitude.

Arman Gharibyan, co-founder of Human Rights Power NGO presented activist Artak Arakelyan's Human Rights Defending activity. Arman Gharibyan stressed the importance of encouraging beginner activists and handed him the award and the certificate of gratitude.

New Generation Humanitarian NGO Financial Manager Arman Sahakyan introduced the journalistic works of Nare Hovhannisyan – “The term homosexual is a lifelong stigma in the criminal world. Issues of LGBT Prisoners in Armenian prisons” and Samvel Petrosyan – “The Different”, nominated in NGNGO Media Contest. After the presentation Arman Sahakyan handed the award and certificate to the winner of the contest Nare Hovhannisyan. The other nominated participant received a certificate of participation in the contest.

 After the awards were handed Arman Gharibyan conducted a thematic discussion on the Human Rights Situation in Armenia, during which an active discussion was held between the nominated human rights defenders and activists and journalists, experts and other guests of the event about their work, the road they have passed, pressures and discrimination they face and how they overcome them.

The discussion was very moving and inspiring.