National report on HIV-related services will be conducted

On September 11-12, 2017 a 2-day working meeting with representatives from “Positive People Armenian Network”, “AIDs Prevention Union” and “United Way” NGOs was organized in Gyumri.

At the meeting the representatives of the above-mentioned organizations presented need assessment of accessibility, quality and priorities of HIV-related services / products among MSMs and Trans* people, people living with HIV, IDUs and CSWs.

Project expert Mihran Sevumyan compared the identified needs and priorities of the project vulnerable groups, estimated needs of new services, as well as the accessibility and quality of HIV-related services with the National Program of Armenia on Response to HIV.

Project budget expert Aharon Barseghyan presented the budget methodology, as well as compared the factual budget of the National Program of Armenia on Response to HIV with the findings of the 4 need assessment reports.

As a result of this program a national report will be conducted. The report will be based on the assessment of HIV-related health services provided to MSM, transgender people, HIV-positive people,injecting drug users and female commercial sex workers. Based on this report state budgeting of health services related to HIV will be reviewed.

The project is implemented by “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO with the financial support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia.